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A Fresh Update For You |Our Spring Edition

It is Spring now (already!), and it looks like we may finally see the back of winter; one of the harshest the Cape of Storms has seen in recent years. Add to that the challenges that came with COVID-19; I'd say this winter has been one of the most challenging seasons in living memory.

It has been a time of mourning, uncertainty, and innovation punctuated by a primal scream or two. A litmus test of sorts. Are we glass half-empty or glass half full? Mostly it has tested our attitudes, adaptability and true grit.

Thank you to our clients who have weathered this proverbial storm with us this past season. We are grateful and humbled that you continue to entrust us with adding value to your business journey.

Image: Courtesy of Joss Woodhead, Unsplash

Hear us roar

It is our ongoing privilege at Scribe Consulting to lean in and lend our voice to the lobby group South Africa Is Travel Ready. Not dissimilar to a pride of lionesses, we have roared in the face of calamity and stuck together in this time of need, playing to our strengths. We've helped shine a light on the plight of women in tourism during Women's Month (August ) and in Tourism Month (September), helped bring awareness to the plight of conservation and communities.

All this with the concerted goal of supporting our beleaguered tourism industry. We are very much travel-ready in South Africa and look forward to our industry's full reboot. We are expecting an announcement soon on the way forward. We've been tirelessly working with industry experts, economists, travel professionals, industry stakeholders, journalists and travel influencers. One resounding message is coming through, clear as a bell, backed by proven strategies and evidence: #SouthAfricaIsTravelReady. My exploration of our local attractions supports this sentiment entirely. Please read about my recent flower safari up the West Coast near Cape Town.

Be a part of this historic conversation. Join our next #TravelTuesdays session on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, to learn all about the issue of 'airlift'. We want to hear from you, and this vital conversation needs your voice. Sign up here. Space is limited, so don't delay.

Travel Awakened

I'm delighted to have joined The Transformational Travel Council as South Africa's first Ambassador. I am so excited about this beautiful meeting of minds and the meaningful work being done by the TTC, now especially. The global pandemic has raised concerns in our industry relating to issues of how we rebound from it, responsibly. Our industry, though resilient, is not without its challenges. Many of our attractions are nature-based. This means that unless they are conserved and treated with respect and reverence, our industry will not survive.

We are a collective of global tourism stakeholders who refuse to skirt the challenging issues. Instead, we throw our boundless enthusiasm and well-researched knowledge at them, determined to find a resolution. We stand for the betterment of lives and livelihoods through mindful tourism. We are a global movement of conscious travellers with a mission to inspire change through transformational travel. Ask me about the exciting Transformational Travel Journal, about the unique Travel Designer program, or about becoming an Ally. If you're a member of the media, becoming a part of our Media Herald Program.

Meet Success

In early September, we achieved a dream of launching our online learning portal, Scribe Consulting Academy, an extension of Scribe Consulting in response to COVID-19.

In addition to our 1:1 Meet Success Coaching product, we now offer Mini-Courses (Free), Advanced Courses (great value courses) and Signature Courses (bespoke courses tailored to your individual or enterprise's needs).

Scribe Consulting Academy offers two arenas of a commercial chrysalis.

1. It offers a platform for professionals to level-up essential business skills. Our short courses (Mini-Courses and Advanced Courses) are self-paced, introducing you to some of the most pertinent aspects of business and career-building, backed by decades of personal experience by our faculty members. Our business subjects include entrepreneurship, digital marketing, crisis management, leadership, communication, growth strategies and tactics, sales and marketing, online security, mindfulness and transformative travel practices.

Mini-Courses are always offered 100% free and entirely self-paced. They are risk-free and enlightening short courses characterised by their bite-sized, relatable, digestible content. Our courses are curated for professionals by professionals. Our bespoke Signature Courses are always available, tailored to your individual needs.

We have published our first Mini-Course entitled Essential WFH Online Security. In today's WFH (work-from-home) environment, it is critical for teams and business owners to be aware of online security. There are instead a few considerations and factors to ensuring your business is protected at all times, whether HQ or home-based office. Enrol now.

Let us know if you're keen on any particular topic and we'll see if it's within our scope to build a course that speaks to your needs.

2. It offers professionals an empowering opportunity to create a passive revenue stream by partnering with us as a Course Author or Affiliate. Each level of involvement provides its own set of unique benefits. Our Course Author residencies are six months in duration and offer a 30% commission reward on all self-authored Advanced Courses purchased off our virtual shelf. Spots are limited for this sought-after partnership (limited to just three per six month period). Affiliates have no prerequisites to author any courses, and there is no time limit on such; however, the commission earned is 10%. View our brochure to learn more or, reach out to learn more. If you're keen to join our vibrant community of online learning, sign up here.

I am very proud of what we have in the Scribe Consulting Academy. I believe tourism is a catalyst for positive change. Pair that with the empowering factor of education, and you have a winning formula. Now more than ever, we need to be innovative and agile, inspired by adversity rather than defeated by it. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Another exciting way we are living up to our brand promise in this unique era and, "Putting Passion To Purpose".

Our Clients Say

It is always lovely receiving positive feedback from our clients. Here's a recent review for you.

"Scribe Consulting Academy's course for sales and marketing was great!. It helped us validate some strategies we were using and it also opened the door to a realm of possibilities, tools and strategies we hadn't considered. We received personalized service adjusted to our business and our future goals and Amy was always available and approachable with any questions, comments or requests," says Ale Olivieri, Private Guide and Safari Specialist, Wandering Thru

And, that's a wrap

Congratulations, we're all caught up, from our side at least. I'd be interested to hear your feedback or, better yet, hear more about how you've been getting on lately. Please drop me a mail by reply.

Till next we speak or meet (virtually or otherwise) take care, be well.

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