• Amy Knight-Dawson

COVID-19: A message of COURAGE from Scribe Consulting

South Africa is experiencing an extended lockdown, currently at Level 3. Although some sectors are permitted to trade and to actively participate in contributing to our country's economy there are many vulnerable communities that are still in considerable pain.

In response to this crisis, some concerned residents of Hout Bay have formed the COURAGE Initiative back in March 2020. To find out more about what good work this team is doing, click here.

I do not reside in Hout Bay, however, this seaside village is very much a part of my soul's fabric. I count myself lucky to be on 'team COURAGE' and to contribute toward this incredible community during this unique time in our shared history.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ― Nelson Mandela

If you feel like the global health crisis has rendered you adrift from your purpose, all you need do is follow COURAGE here and here to help you beat a clear path forward, not just for yourself but for the nation of South Africa. The beautiful spirit of Ubuntu is alive and well in our rainbow nation.

'Ubuntu - I am because we are.'

The great news is that we can all help. Whether you reside in South Africa or not, you have a golden opportunity to lean in and stand in the gap for others. If you feel moved to do so, for the benefit of those less fortunate, you can make a difference to those who are least able to bear this unspeakable hardship.

How, you may ask? The answer is to be a part of the Youth Day (June 16th) COURAGE online auction.

On this auspicious day, we will be hosting an online auction to raise funds for Hout Bay's most vulnerable communities. We have managed to secure lots from world-class brands you'll not want to miss. This is an opportunity to dream a bit and also, celebrate the resilient, generous spirit of Africa.

COURAGE thanks the phenomenal response of our donors for our amazing lots. The bidding is open so, get clicking!

Stay on the insider-track of the auction news by following COURAGE's news page. Sign up to the newsletter and never miss a beat.

If you want to donate a lot or find out more information on how you can support or bid (or both!) please reach out to us today on info@scribeconsulting.co.za.

Our thoughts of positivity, COURAGE and solidarity are with you in this challenging time.

Stay safe and be well


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