• Amy Knight-Dawson

[CV-19 Conversations] Putting (Com)passion to Purpose

Dear Friends

As most of you know, Scribe Consulting has joined hands with COURAGE Initiative, a movement for good, benefitting the vulnerable communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg, Hout Bay. We believe in this cause, wholeheartedly.

A heartfelt message of thanks is extended to all who contributed to the success of COURAGE's online auction held on Youth Day, 16 June 2020. Your generous donations, messages of encouragement, solidarity and boundless energy contributed to our campaign 'Get Us To July' raising upwards of R2.9M made a real impact. Wow!

And here we are, in July. While we've come so far, there is still much to be done. It is said, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." We will continue to work together to raise awareness and funds on behalf of our most vulnerable communities. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to remain close to our cause. Remember, sharing is caring. Winter in the southern hemisphere is here in earnest, and those of us living through it know that we are riding into the COVID-19 storm. Although the lockdown restrictions are easing the harsh reality is that many residents of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg's livelihoods depend on jobs in the informal sector. Almost every person in my inner circle knows a domestic worker or gardener that has lost their job. The economic hardship that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon our nation is appalling.

Please consider pledging support by dropping goods in the trolleys found outside your local PnP (Pick n Pay) or, contributing the PnP Feed The Nation campaign. You can also donate by heading over to COURAGE's donate page. Did you know that just R21 can feed a person for a week? Indeed, your bite-sized donation can mean the world to somebody.

I would love to hear your lockdown stories and how South Africa's phenomenal spirit of Ubuntu is reaching you. Please drop me a line and let's keep the conversation going.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Yours in gratitude


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