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A Sparkling Update For You | Our Summer News

We made it this far, so let's keep going! If nothing else, let's celebrate the fact that we are still standing after what has been a challenging and let's face it, rather traumatic year, for Tourism. During this year we've accommodated a pandemic, made room for new behaviours and added some words to our vernacular. We've also witnessed the meaning of the words 'resilience', 'agility', 'ingenuity' and 'love' made real as we rallied together as an industry to protect, help and serve one another during this extraordinary time.

Keep calm, carry on

In a small word, this year has been rather 'big'. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to those among us who have lost dear friends and family to the COVID-19 disease. As the festive season approaches, a special time for family, our thoughts of comfort are with you. Looking back on our last edition in September, despite writing this from the ongoing upheaval, our craft is still afloat in this storm that is the ongoing pandemic. We wish to express our deep appreciation to our loyal clients and steadfast colleagues for their unwavering support during this torrid time. Since the reopening of South Africa's borders on 1 October 2020, green shoots are visible on the shores from my vantage, and in places, even a splash of colour. Let's continue to be encouraged by these small wins for they will carry us through the next wave of uncertainty as we continue to weather the storm that is the global health crisis. With the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 having been administered to 90-year-old Margaret Keenan in the UK earlier this month, we hold out hope for a better year to come. One step at a time. We'll get there, together.

Space to dream

The wild spaces in our country are delivering the bounty of nature, with adorable offspring adorning the bushveld, the vacuum of much-needed support from the inbound tourism sector notwithstanding. Although open, Tourism is still largely on pause for the foreseeable future as South Africa and its core markets battle the second wave of COVID-19. That said, we've seen some innovative campaigns fostering local travel in South Africa. The much-needed revenue is needed to keep the conservation boat afloat. So, try to support a nature-based experience near you this festive season and do your bit for posterity. After all, the number one reason visitors flock to South Africa is our wildlife. Let's protect and cherish it by all means. Scribe Consulting's conservation cause, Pangolin.Africa makes it easy as (fruit mince) pie to get involved and save a species, no less. Here's how. The #ExperiencesNotThings campaign, championed by #SouthAfricaIsTravelReady collective, is gaining momentum. Running till the end of January 2021, there is still time to get in on the action. Click here to load your product and contact me directly should you wish to participate as a product sponsor for the related consumer competition. Steer clear of the throw-away table décor. Instead, gift yourself or your loved ones the opportunity to make enduring memories this holiday season. Yes, please! Have you entered the #ExperiencesNotThings travel competition yet? Entries are open until January 10th, 2021. The lucky winners will be announced daily between 11th and 31st January 2021. It could be you!

Traditionally, many Tourism businesses would be slowing down and even shutting offices mid-December. I wonder how different your festive season plans are for work looks this time around? We will be open throughout the festive season, our only closure dates being Friday, 25 December 2020 and Friday, 1 January 2021, respectively. Other than that, it's business 'unusual', during this unique time. As the year draws to a close, we continue to look forward to being of service to our wonderful clients, putting our 'Passion To Purpose'. We believe in making hay while the sun shines. And we love every moment!

Standing in solidarity

Scribe Consulting, despite challenging circumstances, celebrated many successes this past season, thanks to the ongoing support of our clients, colleagues and friends in our wonderful Tourism industry. I'm delighted to share some highlights with you. To be a part of the #SouthAfricaIsTravelReady Collective, representing the plight of Tourism on an independent platform, has been one of the greatest, most unexpected gifts the pandemic has bestowed upon us. I cherish the courage, resourcefulness, talent and unwavering commitment found in this phenomenal group of women. It is an honour to serve our beloved industry alongside each of you.

Some of you may know that recently I joined the Transformational Tourism Council, based in Seattle, USA. A super growth opportunity for Scribe Consulting, this has been another one of those incredible opportunities that has come to us during this unique time. As South Africa's official Transformational Travel Council ambassador, I'd be delighted to tell you more. Recently, we hosted an exciting online event, #TravelAwakened. A precursor to the New Dawn In Travel online event happening on March 25th, 2021 (watch this space), we enjoyed superb engagement through our incredible stories from our worldwide tourism community. If your interest is piqued, and you are looking for ways to invest in the Tourism community through sustainable business practices, reach out to me. There is no better time than the present to play your part in Tourism's recovery movement.

Unearth new learnings

Scribe Consulting Academy took flight with the launch of the first free Mini-Course, Essential WFH Online Security which was well received. We are delighted to report our vibrant community of online professionals with a passion for learning is growing stronger by the day. We are working on some exciting business recovery and professional development courses we know you will enjoy. Meantime, please let us know if any particular course topics would be of interest to you. We would love to help you to 'Meet Success' on your terms. We've seen strong demand for our platform as a training and development tool in the B2B space. Our tool is versatile, powerful and tailored to your specific business goals. With customer experience at its heart, your reward of thinking out of the box and stretching toward business recovery couldn't be more straightforward. On that note, what we do each day is to help our clients instill trust in theirs. We do this through communications, training and quality assurance. In the business of Tourism recovery, if you are not customer-obsessed, you are in danger of missing the (life) boat. Enquire about our QX - Quality Experience solution designed to connect you to your customer journey, garner customer loyalty and increase your team's cohesiveness. Our tailored programs speak to your business goals and your profitability. Now more than ever, it takes an experienced, empathetic eye to help you make the most of your hospitality product, mindful of the COVID-19 protocols, which we live and breathe on the daily. With over twenty years of demonstrable, multi-faceted Tourism experience, we are delighted to be there for you to help you get ahead of the curve in this arena.

Our clients say...

"The QX reports generated by Amy after her recent stays at Last Word Franschhoek and Last Word Long Beach were highly informative and most useful to us as a group of small exclusive hotels. The attention to detail in the report is so thorough and gave us huge insight into how the smallest things can make the biggest difference to a guest experience. Having four properties in our Last Word group, consistency in service and hospitality across all properties is paramount to our success. Amy’s keen eye and attention to detail was able to highlight where some offerings were not consistent. Not only were these brought to our attention, the best was that Amy was to offer suggestions to rectify or improve on these offerings. This is what was highly beneficial in terms of the QX reports – it’s easy to highlight what is wrong or right for that matter however to offer solutions or ideas is really what we as a hotel group appreciated most. During these times of Covid any input with regards to protocols and safety measures is most valued as you receive the feedback from a guest perspective and what it is like to be on the receiving end of these protocols. Guest convenience and user friendly solutions are so important during these times. The QX Reports are fabulous to use as training tools for all staff as they are in-depth and solution driven. Personally I feel that Amy’s wealth of experience and knowledge in working the 5 star international travel market makes this a success. She knows exactly what a 5 star traveler wants from a hotel or lodge – she knows what makes them tick and how they think. In the New Year Amy will get to our other two properties to review them as well." - Nicky Coenen, Group General Manager, Last Word Intimate Hotels & Safari Camps

Stretch and grow

The pandemic has seen many of us inadvertently stumble into the world of public speaking. Countless webinars, online meetings and a virtual trade show or two may have heralded your entry into the oft-feared realm of public speaking. Presenting an excellent platform to impart knowledge, connect with others and grow as leaders, becoming a public speaker takes courage, practice and commitment. Scary? Maybe. Rewarding? Definitely.

Africa Travel Week invited Scribe Consulting to present a masterclass on email marketing, a highly underrated means of connecting with your clients. While it's true that email marketing may be a different animal these days, it is still a very effective way to build trust with your customers. Chelsy Hale's Bizommunity.com article will catch you up on our actionable advice.

The opportunity to present at the second annual Tourism Marketing Conference held on 26 & 27 November 2020 at the CTICC was a calendar highlight. It was a privilege to share my passion and insights on this platform. Making new connections and challenging myself always makes me feel alive.

Time to celebrate

Something else that 'floats my life-boat' is helping others and is integral to Scribe Consulting's brand purpose. We love celebrating the well-deserved milestones and victories of others, especially those of our fantastic clients.

We extend heartfelt felicitations to our client The Last Word Intimate Hotels and Safari Camps for achieving critical acclaim from Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards. The celebrated seaside boutique hotel, The Last Word Long Beach, sailing in at #7, category 'Africa's Top 30 Hotels' is 'beyond boutique' in every sense.

This festive season, if you wish to tint your celebrations with the colour of optimism look no further than La Petite Ferme's award-winning Baboon Rock rosé. Exceptional wines paired with incredible cuisine handcrafted by Chef Kyle and his team plus wrap-around views of the Banghoek Valley is an unmissable experience.

Congratulations to our client, Morukuru Family, on achieving their fifteenth anniversary. I have enjoyed a long-standing affinity with this beautiful, award-winning hospitality brand. It was an honour to be part of their creative team for their re-imagined website. Scooping the title as Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards, Best Beach Resort in South Africa is yet another well-deserved triumph.

Our clients say


"When Morukuru Family decided to create a new website in 2020, we contacted Amy at Scribe Consulting to assist us in re-writing the existing copy and information. Having worked with Amy before, we knew she is a true artist with words and at the same time has a huge knowledge of the safari industry in general. This combination means she can capture the essence of what we do in just a few sentences. She also delivers on time and as per the requirements discussed and agreed when we started the project. It is always a pleasure working with Amy!" Rinse Wassenaar, Marketing Manager, Morukuru Family

Season's greetings

Despite the incredible challenges of this year, we are grateful for our clients and colleagues who showed unwavering support and faith in our ability. Thank you for making space in your world for us to put our passion to purpose for the good of Tourism. Every. Single. Day. Cheers to us and another trip around the sun. May it be our most exciting one yet and may it bring to us many exciting, enriching experiences.

Happy holidays and here's to you!

Festive wishes


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