• Amy Knight-Dawson

The nature of things

Words by Amy Knight-Dawson

When I am in a creativity drought, I head straight for the wilderness. The deeper I am immersed in it, the better. It is where I do my deep thinking, concept creation and problem solving.

A brisk walk on a deserted beach, a hike in an Afro-montane dune field or a swim in a pristine kloof (river pool in a mountain pass) with water the colour of black rooibos (red bush) tea that is native to my home country, South Africa. Being in a setting where I'm immersed by surround sounds of nature does wonders for my ability to make sharper business decisions and gain perspective.

Getting the blood pumping is a great way to clear many blockages and get the cognitive juices flowing freely. Exactly what type of exercise you delve into depends entirely on you. Be sure to pick something that energizes and challenges you in some way.

The rewards are tangible and will manifest in your business and improve your critical thinking and have a positive impact on your physique to boot.

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