• Amy Knight-Dawson

The power of one

One chance. One shot. That's the harsh reality when you’re in the business of selling dreams. A singular opportunity to catch the imagination of your client (it’s likely they’ve approached at least one of your competitors for a quote too). When you’ve wowed them with your original ideas and unique value proposition and they’ve abandoned your competition in favour of booking with you, you celebrate! Right about now, the realisation dawns on you that your only chance is now in the hands of your chosen trade partners. The service they deliver has a knock-on effect on your reputation. Keeping key relationships in great shape is critical to your brand's success.

Take the example of Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs

With Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs' itinerary confirmed, all your pre-trip checks are done. The clients have their documentation and they are really excited, yet truthfully a little nervous, about coming on holiday to Africa. It's a bucket list trip...a safari!

The clients arrive in the country and you‘ve planned to have them collected by a supplier you don’t usually use. Reason being is that they were cheaper than your usual, trusted supplier and you needed to bag the quote. Crisis hits. The supplier doesn't arrive as scheduled despite your meticulous planning. Your client is furious, their pre-trip jitters becomes a wave of panic and your one chance to impress them slips away. Scrambling to make it up to your clients, you drop the work you're doing on your hot lead and throw yourself into damage control. Naturally, you call on your trusted supplier to fix it. The power of your relationship kicks in and together, you manage to recover the situation and win the client over.

Your reputation in tact and the client suitably placated, you hope for a good review but you hold your breath. Next time, you'll be sure to head the advice below for peace of mind in your client transactions.

Key takeaways

* Know your worth: Stand fast on your fair rates and win your client on service. If you need professional pre-departure information which reflects your travel brand’s unique value, Scribe Consulting can help.

* Invest In your supplier relationships: If you need better rates, rather negotiate to keep your business flowing steadily to your key supplier to achieve critical mass; a win-win situation.

*Fix with finesse: Misadventures happen, it’s how you fix it that counts. Twenty years of experience in the luxury inbound sector qualifies us to offer sound advice on reputation management.

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